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How to be an Ally for Women in Cybersecurity.

Interview with Nathan Chung from WiCyS USA.

l had the opportunity to meet Nathan through the initiative Women4Cyber launched by ECSO, the European Cyber Security Organisation. In this article, you’ll find the transcription of the interview we recorded. 

I'm sure you’ll find it useful and he will also inspire you with his work helping women succeed in cybersecurity.  

Quantum Computing & Cryptography

Moving from binary to superposition.

I’d like to thank Bruno Fedrici PhD in Physics and Quantum Technologies Advisor for the resources and advice on the subject. We had the opportunity to meet through the Microsoft AI class led by the programming school Simplon in Lyon, France.


I have to say that it is indeed a fascinating subject but when I saw the potential regarding cryptography, I couldn’t avoid wondering when quantum cryptography will make current encryption standards obsolete and how are we going to actually face it?

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First Blockchain, now Quantum Technologies for Social Impact?

An easy guide on how we can use these technologies to drive social change.


This article was inspired by a publication kindly shared with me by Marcos Allende, lead researcher on emerging technologies at the IT Tech Lab at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington.


I strongly believe that since these fields are still in an early stage, academic institutions, governments, technology companies, scientists and we as professionals are key to help reduce the knowledge gap between research and society. 

"Successful implementation requires not only heavy investment by developers early in the project but also a sustained level of investment in the resources of user organizations."

Harvard Business Review, Implementing new technologies.